الشركة : kinco
النوع : xF-SiHMI01 HMI BOX
حالة التوفر : 1
الكلمات الدليليلة : xF-SiHMI01

Performance specification

processor:32bit RISC Cortex-A9 1GHz

storage:512MB DDR3 +4GB eMMC

Interface configuration

RTC&Display interface&RTC:1*HDMIV1.4 Full HD(1920*1080@60HZ)

Expandable memory:2*USB HOST

Ethernet:1*10/100M adaptive network port

Communication port:COM0:PLC RS232/RS422/RS485; COM1:PLC RS485; COM2:PC/PLC RS232

IO port:Two digital inputs (programmable, standard 24V source type), three digital outputs

                                                     (programmable, standard 24V source type)

External power supply:One group of DC 24V power supply (the same as the input voltage) current 500mA

Electrical specifications

Rated power: 2.4W

Rated voltage: 24V

Input range: 10V~28V

Allowed power loss:<3ms

insulation resistance:Over 50m Ω @ 500V DC

Withstand voltage test:   500V AC 1分钟

Structural specification

Shell color:black

Shell material:Metal

Shell Size:133mm*104mm*30.2mm

Installation mode: Installation mode: DIN rail installation(35mm), VESA        bracket installation (75*75mm)


Environmental specifications



Storage ambient temperature:-30~80℃

Storage ambient humidity:10~90%RH(non-condensing)

Sinusoidal vibration test: 10~25Hz (2G/30min in Y and Z directions)

Cooling mode: Natural air cooling

Product certification

Protection level: IP20


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