Kinco Servo motor SMC130D-0150-30AAK-4DKR

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النوع : Kinco Servo motor SMC130D-0150-30AAK-4DKR
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الكلمات الدليليلة : Kinco Servo motor SMC130D-0150-30AAK-4DKR
  • New generation innovative-structure motor
  • a. Innovative structure: New generation & new mold design of motor structure, short length of motor.
  • b.The latest magnetoelectric technology: New magnetoelectric encoder designed by Kinco, better cushioning ability & higher cost-performance ratio.
  • c. Insulation class F: The best insulation class of motor in the industry. Motor have quiet high reliability and stability in high temperature environment.
  • d. Wide range of power: The power of motor up to 1.5Kw under DC 48V of power supply, rated speed is 3000, suitable to heavy-loaded AGV occasion.

  • Technical Specifications

    DC link voltage UDC 48
    Rated power PN(W) 1500
    Rated torque TN(Nm) 5
    Rated speed nN(rpm) 3000
    Rated current IN(A) 37.4
    Maximum torque Tm(Nm) 12.5
    Maximum current Im(A) 93.4
    Standstill torque TS(Nm) 5.5
    Standstill current IS(A) 39.2
    Resistance line-line RL(Ω) 0.025
    Inductance line-line LL(mH) 0.169
    Electrical time constant τe (ms) 0.676
    Mechanical time constant τm (ms) 3
    Reverse voltage constant Ke (V/krpm) 7.98
    Torque constant Kt (Nm/A) 0.1406
    Motor moment of inertia Jm (Kg•cm2 ) 12
    12.1(with brake)
    Pole pair number 4
    Maximum voltage rising du/dt (KV/μs) 8
    Insulation class F
    Maximum radial force F(N) 900
    Maximum axial force(N) 450
    WeightG(Kg) 7.5
    9.8(with brake)
    Length of motor L(mm) 163±1.5
    224±1.5(with brake)
    Position feedback device Incremental encoder 2500ppr
    Cooling method Totally enclosed, non-ventilated
    Protection level IP65 for body, shaft sealling IP54
    Temperature -20~40℃
    Humidity Below 90% RH (Non-condensing)
    Ambient environment Away from active gas, combustible gas, oil drops and dust
    Altitude Maximum altitude 4000m, rated power at 1000m or below; Above 1000m:decreasing 1.5%per 100m rise

    □: =A without brake
    =B with brake

    Torque frequency curve


    Machanical Dimension Diagram(without brake)


    Machanical Dimension Diagram(with brake)



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