Servo Motor SMC80S-0075-30MBK-3LSU

الشركة : kinco
النوع : Servo Motor SMC80S-0075-30MBK-3LSU
حالة التوفر : 1
الكلمات الدليليلة : Servo Motor SMC80S-0075-30MBK-3LSU
  • New generation innovative-structure motor
  • a. Innovative structure: New generation & new mold design of motor structure, short length of motor.
  • b.The latest magnetoelectric technology: New magnetoelectric encoder designed by Kinco, better cushioning ability & higher cost-performance ratio.
  • c. Insulation class F: The best insulation class of motor in the industry. Motor have quiet high reliability and stability in high temperature environment.

  • Technical Specifications

    DC link voltage UDC 300
    Rated power PN(W) 750
    Rated torque TN(Nm) 2.39
    Rated speed nN(rpm) 3000
    Rated current IN(A) 3.8
    Maximum torque Tm(Nm) 7.17
    Maximum current Im(A) 11.4
    Standstill torque TS(Nm) 2.63
    Standstill current IS(A) 4.2
    Resistance line-line RL(Ω) 2.1
    Inductance line-line LL(mH) 10.5
    Electrical time constant τe (ms) 5
    Mechanical time constant τm (ms) 0.9
    Reverse voltage constant Ke (V/krpm) 40
    Torque constant Kt (Nm/A) 0.662
    Motor moment of inertia Jm (Kg•cm2 ) 1.087
    1.099(with brake)
    Pole pair number 3
    Maximum voltage rising du/dt (KV/μs) 8
    Insulation class F
    Maximum radial force F(N) 335
    Maximum axial force(N) 167.5
    WeightG(Kg) 2.8
    3.4(with brake)
    Length of motor L(mm) 128.5±1.5
    Position feedback device 16 bit single-turn magnetoelectric encoder
    Cooling method Totally enclosed, non-ventilated
    Protection level IP65 for body, shaft sealling IP54
    Temperature -20~40℃
    Humidity Below 90% RH (Non-condensing)
    Ambient environment Away from corrosion, combustible gas, oil drops and dust
    Altitude Maximum altitude 4000m, rated power at 1000m or below; Above 1000m:decreasing 1.5%per 100m rise



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