MPS-XXXS 100-200mm Miniaturized Draw Wire Displacement Sensor

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النوع : MPS-XXXS 100-200mm Miniaturized Draw Wire Displacement Sensor
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Geisc Draw Wire Potentiometer MPS type is widely used in storage positioning,  dam protections, sluice gate control, screw machines,  paper machines, sewing machines, sheet metal machines, printing machines, horizontal control equipment, construction machines, industrial robot, injection machines, woodworker machines, elevators, air compressors, hydraulic machines, X-Y axis displacement, liquid level measurements and position control.

There are 6 kinds of output as below,please choose the one you need.
R: 0-5KΩ Resistance
A1:4-20mA with 3 wires
A2:4-20mA with 2 wires
P:incremental pulse phase output AB phase or ABZ phase.
MPS-XXXS series cable displacement sensor has the following characteristics
1. compact structure, small installation space.
2. long stroke measurement (100 ~ 200mm), high precision (0.3%FS), protection level IP65.
3. shell and wire wheel are embalmed, traction rope is made of stainless steel with Teflon, can work in harsh environments.
4. optional output modes are: resistance, voltage, current, incremental pulse, absolute pulse type



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