Kinco FV100-2T-0055G VFD

النوع : Kinco FV100-2T-0055G VFD
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Technical Specifications


Model FV100-2T-0055G
The power of suitable motor(kW) 5.5
Voltage(V) 3-phase 0~rated input voltage
Rated current(A) 24.5
Overload capcity 150% 1 Minute; 180% 10 Seconds; 200% 0.5 Second; 10 minutes interval(inverse time limit speciality)
Rated voltage/frequency 3-phase 200V~240V AC; 50Hz/60Hz
Allowable voltage range 180V~260V AC; Voltage unbalancedness:≤3%; Allowable frequency fluctuation:±5%
Rated current(A) 30
Brake unit Built-in
Protection class IP20
Cooling method Cooling by fan


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