Kinco-F122-D1608T Controller

النوع : Kinco-F122-D1608T Controller
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Software Technical Data


Scanning Period Min.1ms
Program Capacity 2M
Execution Speed Arithmetic operation time for integers: min 3.4µs/1000AWL
Arithmetic operation time for floating points: min 0.13ms/1000AWL
Arithmetic operation time for triangle function: min 6.0ms/1000AWL
Programming Language According with the IEC61131-3 standard
Com Port 2 CAN ports, 1 Ethernet port, 2 serial ports(RS232, RS485)
Communication Protocol CANopen 2.0A
Synchro Message Support
Nmt Message Support
Pdo Communication Asynchronous, synchronous and remote requests
Baud Rate(bps) 10K(1,000 m)/20K(800 m)/50K(600 m)/125K(500m)/250K(250m)/500K(100m)/800K(50 m)/1M(25 m)
Station Number 1-127


Hardware Technical Data


Power Supply Rated: +24V/1A, (<+20V
CAN Power Supply Provide power by internal +5V power supply itself
Digital Input/output 16DI\8DO
Digital Input Type Photoelectric isolation, supports both low and high level
Digital Output Type Photoelectric isolation, Transistor high level output, the maximum output current is 500mA; Over current protection (Recover by itself)
Voltage Range of Digital Output ±24V (15~36VDC), Input current>3mA
Digital Output Frequency 1KHz@24V500mA
Operating Temperature -10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃


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