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Kinco® 2M530 Stepper Motor Driver (Two-Phase Bipolar Micro Step) 

The Maximum Supply Voltage can Reach 40V, Which can Provide Better Dynamic Drive Performance;
The Bipolar Constant Current Drive Mode is Taken with a Maximum Drive Current up to 2.5A Per Phase, Which can Drive any Two-Phase Bipolar Hybrid Stepper Motors with a Current Less than 2.5A;
The Drive Output Phase Current of a Motor can be Regulated Through the DIP Switch, to Match Motors of Different Specifications;
A DIP Switch is Used to Set the Automatic Half Current Function of Motors in Statically Locked Status, which can Greatly Reduce Heat Dissipation of the Motors;
A Dedicated Control Chip is Used, with a Maximum of 256/200 Subdivisions. The Subdivision Function can be Set by the DIP Switch, to Ensure the Best Operation Stability;
Supporting Offline Function, So that the Output Current of a Motor can be Cut Off If Necessary;
Optical Coupling Devices are Used for the Isolation of the Input Circuit of the Control Signals to Reduce Interference of External Noises.



Supply Voltage

DC 24V ~ 48V

Output Phase Current

1.2A~ 3.5A

Control Signal Input Current


Cooling Method

Natural Air Cooling

Operating Environment

Avoid the Environment with a Great Amount of Metallic Powder, Oil Mist, or Erosive Gases

Operating Temperature

-10°C~ +45°C

Operating Humidity

< 85% (Non-Condensing)


0.7 Kg

Outline Dimension


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